Dokyoon Kim, PhD   (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Dokyoon Kim is an Assistant Professor of Informatics at the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics within the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a senior faculty at Penn Institute for Biomedical Informatics. He has been mostly working on integrating 'omics data, environment data, imaging, and phenotype data derived from Electronic Health Record (EHR) for advancing precision medicine.


Jae-Seung Yun, MD, PhD   (Visiting Faculty)

Dr. Jae-Seung Yun is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the Catholic University of Korea. His research mainly focuses on the area of diabetes complications, severe hypoglycemia, a cohort study of type 2 diabetes, and using a prediction model to study the field of diabetes and its complications.


Manu Shivakumar, MS   (Bioinformatician)

Manu Shivakumar is a bioinformatician in the Kim lab at the University of Pennsylvania. He loves analyzing biomedical big data and developing new bioinformatics tools with strong background in computer science. He is interested in cancer genomics and translational informatics. He has been working on various projects on bladder cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, Pan-Cancer analysis, survival analysis, and CNV analysis.

Jie Hao, PhD   (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Jie Hao has joined the Kim Lab as a postdoc fellow in August, 2019. Her research interests are developing innovative computational methodologies in biomarker discovery, survival analysis, interpretable deep learning modeling, data integration of heterogeneous data, and missing data imputation.

Yonghyun Nam, PhD   (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Yonghyun Nam has joined the Kim Lab as a postdoc fellow in Sep, 2019.

He is interested in graph-based machine learning algorithms and applying/developing novel methodologies for biomedical informatics or translational informatics. One of his current studies is developing a scoring system to predict co-occurrence disease or disease related-key genes.

Garam Lee, PhD   (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Lee has joined the Kim lab in March, 2020. Garam is interested in developing novel data integration methods using machine learning approach. In particular, he's been working on integrating multi-modal neuroimaging data, time-series clinical data and multi-omics data in Alzheimer's disease.

Soojin Cha, PhD   (Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Cha will join the Kim lab as a visiting postdoctoral scholar in Sep, 2021. She was trained in both wet-lab and dry-lab based work for cancer biology, cancer genomics, and population genetics. Her research interests include  understanding, treating, and preventing disease using various types of data and knowledge for cancer genomics and population genetics. During the visit, she will develop cancer models using GWAS-based methodology and large-scale datasets and hopes to contribute to patients’ health care.

Vivek Sriram   (Graduate Student)

Vivek Sriram is a graduate student from the Graduate Group in Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB) and has joined the Kim lab in March, 2020. His research interests include translational bioinformatics and personalized medicine, deep learning and interpretable machine learning, network analysis, data visualization, and the genomics of human disease. He aspires to use the power of data science to tackle challenging problems in the field of medicine.

Jacob Leiby   (Graduate Student)

Jake Leiby is a graduate student from the Graduate Group in Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB) and has joined the Kim lab in March, 2020.  He is interested in multi-omics data integration and radiogenomics and how we can use this information to predict disease outcomes.

Brenda Xiao   (Graduate Student)

Brenda Xiao is a graduate student from the Graduate Group in Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB) and has joined the Kim lab in July, 2020. She has been co-mentored by Dr. Marylyn Ritchie at Penn Genetics. She is interested in biomedical informatics, cancer genomics, multi-omics data integration, and EHR data analysis.

Sang-Hyuk Jung   (Visiting Graduate Student)

Sang-Hyuk Jung is a graduate student in the Dr. Hong-Hee Won's lab at SungKyunKwan University and has joined the Kim lab as a visiting graduate student in September, 2019. He is interested in finding genetic and imaging biomarkers using GWAS and machine learning approaches. He is also interested in radiogenomics and imaging genomics. 

Erica Suh   (Graduate Student)

Erica Suh is a graduate student from the Graduate Group in Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB). She is interested in applying data science and machine learning to answer essential questions in medicine and healthcare. When she’s not in front of the computer, you might be able to find Erica hiking in the mountains or relaxing at your local coffee shop.


Karl Keat   (Graduate Student)

Karl Keat is a graduate student from the Graduate Group in Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB). He has been co-mentored by Dr. Marylyn Ritchie at Penn Genetics. He is interested in the application of multi-omic tools towards the advancement of precision medicine, diagnostics, and pharmacogenomics.


Nari Kim   (Undergraduate Researcher)

Nari Kim is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. She has prior research experience in cellular & molecular biology as well as cardiovascular and translational medicine. She is interested in the connection between precision medicine and the development of therapeutic treatments for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases through a look at genomics and disease with data analytics.

Shen Profile Photo.png

Kevin Shen   (High School Researcher)

Kevin Shen is a rising junior from Harriton High School and is interning at the Kim Lab between June and August, 2021. He is interested in analyzing phenotype data and genetic data from the UK Biobank by using bioinformatics methods to study disease networks with applications to Alzheimer's disease.


Jason E. Miller, PhD   (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Miller is now a senior scientist statistical geneticist at Merck.


Wonjun Ji, MD   (Visiting Scientist)

Dr. Ji is now a clinical assistant professor at the division of respiratory and critical care medicine at the Asan Medical Center.


Lisa (Gahyun) Bang, MS   (Bioinformatics Analyst)

Lisa is now a bioinformatics analyst at Geisinger.

Seung Mi Lee.jpg

Eun Kyung Choe, MD, PhD   (Visiting Faculty)

Dr. Choe is a now professor at the Division of Colorectal Surgery and General Surgery at Healthcare System Gangnam Center of Seoul National University Hospital and also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Department of Surgery at College of Medicine at Seoul National University. 

So Yeon Kim, PhD   (Visiting Graduate Student)

Dr. Kim is now a research-track assistant professor at the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Ajou University.

SeungYub Han   (Rotating Graduate Student)

SeungYub is now a graduate student in the Dr. Junhyong Kim's lab at Penn.

Ji Won Park, MD, PhD   (Visiting Faculty)

Dr. Park is now a clinical associate professor at the Division of Colorectal Surgery, Department of Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital.

Seung Mi Lee, MD, PhD   (Visiting Faculty)

Dr. Lee is now a clinical associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Seoul National University Hospital.

Jaesik Kim   (Visiting Graduate Student)

Jaesik is a now graduate student in the Dr. Kyung-Ah Sohn's lab at Ajou University.